Consider the Possiblites...

Sunday, April 17, 2005


Hey i wonder why hannah can't post anything, it let me join but idk why not now it's 2 of us..this is all very cool.


Wow, having your own blog is more work then you would think! I think Hannah made her own blog today! i think it's all real cool, i wish i could figure out how we can all be on one blog together, but it dosen't seem to be working! and it bites!


Well i just got back from church. I am finally starting to figure out how to make this all work..and if i want to make it my real real blog, how much work it is going to take. I am very tired. I got a phone call from this guy at 1:30 last night..lets just say i wasn't to happy. Well i am going to go find something to eat. lol. I'll post ya later.


Well Hannah had to go home and i am sure sometime tomorrow she will leave a post. We just finished watching Wicker Park which is a great movie..mostly because of Josh Harnett, by that way so his totally fine. Well i hope you all like this site..i am still a little un-sure about how things work on here..i'll figure it out eventually but for now this will have to do

Saturday, April 16, 2005


Well we just made this blog..and i have no idea how to do i hope this shows up and then i'll know what i'm doing!